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Confira a Letra Lovesigh



Falling star, wished upon in moonbathed sunlight
Distant morning lights the way…..
Where we are is such a question i can't answer
Not tomorrow or today…..

More than you'll ever know -
How hearts collide in nighttime shadows
More than you ever show -
I'm haunting you tonight

As times are changin',
Feel the rain that's fallin' on us now
Lives rearrangin',
Feel the pain but i don't want to anymore
No use waitin',
Turn my head in vain but wan't you turn my way
Takin' the time to breathe a lovesigh

Not long now, for soon the common bonds are broken
Whisper softly tales of woe…..
Two allow, a meshing of our spirits softly
Senseless wonder, say goodbye…..

More than you'll ever feel -
How distance is an early warning
More than you know is real - i'm an angel flying high

(find a way, find a way) lift me from my knees i pray
(say you'll stay, say you'll stay)
Try and let your heart remain
(find a way, find a way)
Lift me from my knees i pray
(say you'll stay, say you'll stay)
No my darling don't turn away

Takin' the time to breathe a lovesigh….