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Confira a Letra The Rose Of England


The Rose Of England

Taking nothing but his daddy`s old bone-grip knife
He traded but a little for the wayward life
Faint heart never won fair hand
So says the Rose of England
So says the Rose of England

From high on a hill came the clarion call
To win young men, come one, come all
Make muster `gainst the foreign hand
That`s raised to the Rose of England
Raised to the Rose of England

For her feckless boys she did weep and wail
Crying, Lord have mercy where did I fail?
Out of my belly and the pick up a gun
And fall for the Rose of England
Fall for the Rose of England

God knows it`s cold outside
It`s a fire by day and a freeze at night
I know it`s a hell out there
How loud the mouth when the heart don`t care

He`s damned if he don`t, he`s damned if he do
He`d die if he ever found out we knew
Hot potato, drop it and run
Far from the Rose of England
Far from the Rose of England