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Confira a Letra 20th of April


20th of April

20Th of April, 1990
Thought I'd write and say hello
Are you surprised to get this letter?
It all seems so long ago

Sitting here alone, I was thinking
Memories came rolling back
I felt a strange kind of sadness
And then I knew we had to speak

? Recuerdas aquella noche
En la cabana del Turme?
Las risas que nos haciamos
Antes todos juntos

Hoy no queda casi nadie de los de antes
Y los que hay han cambiado,
Han cambiado....

(Do you remember that night
In the hut at Turmo's? The laughs we had then,
All together... Now there's almost no one left
Around from those days, and the ones that are
Have changed, they've changed....)

How has your life been, I wonder
How do you get on with that guy?
Maybe you've even got kids now
I hope it all works out fine

Me, I just go on as usual
This same old road that I ride
Though I don't get tired of the music
Sometimes I'm empty inside

It's time now, time I was going
Drop me a line if you like
Meanwhile these words that I send you
I hope they stay in your mind

Goodbye, girl, it was nothing
Maybe we'll meet again some day
I'll carry on with my music
You carry on with your dreams