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Confira a Letra New York Girls


New York Girls

As I rolled down on South Street
A woman I did meet
She asked me just to see her home
She lived on 14th street

And away you sally
My dear Annie
Oh! You New York Girls
Can you dance the polka?

And when I got to 14th street
We stopped at No 4
Her mother and her sister came
To greet us at the door

And when we got inside the house
The drink was handed round
The liquor came so strong and quick
My head went round and round

When I woke up next morning
I had an aching head
I found myself stark naked
And all alone in bed

My gold watch and my money
And my lady-friend were gone
There was I without a stitch
Or cent to call my own

So look out all young sailors
Watch your step on shore
You'll have to be up early to be
Smarter than a whore

Your hard-earned cash will disappear
Your hat and boots as well
For New York Girls are tougher than
The other side of hell!