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Confira a Letra Reckless



Yo yo yo, let's go smoke
Yeah, down there by the train track
Got this half pound - knahmsayin?
And on the way there let's set off car alarms
YouknowhatI'msayin? {*boom* Ey - yo!

Known to get wild, Pacewon throw his chrome up
Let's see how you Jakes feel bloody with a donut
Dr. Bypass-the-Wack, fly-asser
Themes make you fiends work out like Thighmaster
On course, avoidin every obstacle
Takin life for granted, actin irresponsible
Reckless! {*boom* .. better watch your back boy

Yo!I once knew this fast chick, mad thick, flava
Heard some ghetto girls had words and it made her
steamed like hot water, thinkin shit's sweet
Runnin lip 'til she crashed the whip her pop bought her
The night before Christmas, all through the house
All you could smell was the smoke from her, huffin a ounce
Then she went drivin, still smokin herb
Started to swerve, hit a hydrant {*errrr*
Banged in the front grill, one ill hoochie she is
Drove off pumpin +Lo+, "Luchini" remix
This female would smack kids, a little more than active
This bitch was way out of control like rap is
Reckless! {*boom* Huh
Open your eyes and see it's unwise to be
Reckless! {*boom* You know you need to calm down y'knahmsayin?
You can't do this

Yo - one of my boys got shot in the throat
He used to break day on the block, sellin coke
5-for-20 seller, no girlie hassles
Dirty rascal, never showered, smell worse than 30 assholes
(You stink!) Flamboyant, but made bad decisions
Had a attitude (fuck y'all) went rags to riches
Did some time on the Island and THEN
he came back home and now he whylin again
Reckless! {*boom* Yo
Open your eyes and see it's unwise to be
Reckless! {*boom* Y'knahmsayin?
Open your eyes and see it's unwise to be..