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Confira a Letra Watch Me Shine

Pacitti Joanna

Watch Me Shine

Im not your average type of girl
I'm gonna show the world
The strength in me the sometimes they cant see
I'm about switch my style
And soon things may get wild
But i prove that i can conquer anything

So from my head to toe
I'm takin full control
I'll make it on my own this time
Watch me shine..

Better watch going for the knock out
An i wont stop till im on top now
Not gonna give up until i get whats mine
Better check that im about to x that
And im hot now so you better step back
Im taking over so watch me shine (watch me shine)

So get ready here i come
Until job is done
No time to risk theres nothin stoppin me
Oh but you
Don't hear me glow
So now time to show
And prove im gonna be best that i can be

So from my head to toe
My mind body and soul
I'm takin full control this time


Bet you dont think take it
But my mind and body are strong
Bet you dont think i can make it
It wont take long

Now watch me shine

Chorus till end