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Confira a Letra Womb Envy

Paint It Black

Womb Envy

Too quick to step up with the
fisticuffs. I think it's time
that someone called our
bluff. We can't create so we
denigrate. We don't know how
to love so we settle for
hate. And we're running out
of time. So let's step out of
line, and resist the roles
that we've been assigned. I'm
not going to settle for "nice
guys finish last," or treat
our sisters as second class.
While we conquer and earn,
slash and burn. Concrete,
steel and pavement everywhere
I turn. And we're running out
of time. Brothers & sisters,
here's my decision: Fuck
competition; turn my back on
division. Did we learn the
difference between "want,"
and "need?" Can we be the
soil if this song is the seed?