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Confira a Letra If Love Was A Plane

Brad Paisley

If Love Was A Plane

She's 98 pounds
Working down at the Dairy Queen
With an Ogilvie home perm and braces
And he's long-haired, no job and just 19
They got a baby on the way
And they're off to the races in...

Look at 'em go
Now what in the world could go wrong
Don't tell them the odds
It's best they don't know
If love was a plane
Nobody'd get on

At The Ivy at lunchtime in Beverly Hills
The paparazzi are gathered outside
'Cause an actor and an actress are having lunch
And according to Extra and Entertainment Tonight
They're in

Imagine now the pilot's voice
On the intercom right before
We leave the ground
Saying folks thanks for flying with us
But there's a 6 in 10 chance
We're going down

But that's the strangest thing
About this emotion
Even knowing our chances are small
We line up at the gate with our tickets
Thinking somehow we're different
I mean after all we're in

Look at us go
Now what in the world could go wrong
To hell with the odds
We'd rather not know
If love was a plane
Nobody'd get on
Yeah, if love was a plane
Nobody'd get on