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Confira a Letra Moonshine In The Trunk

Brad Paisley

Moonshine In The Trunk

Got a ’69 Camaro with a Ram Jet 502
I could win the pole at Bristol, baby
But I’m ridin’ ‘round with you
Bored as hell we might as well
Burn this tank of gas
‘Cause if we’re goin’ nowhere, girl
Let’s go nowhere fast

Like there’s moonshine in the trunk
And blue lights on our tail
Like if we get caught they’re gonna haul us off to jail
Like we’re helpin’ out Uncle Jesse
Makin’ a midnight run
Let’s drive tonight like this whole county’s dry
And there’s moonshine in the trunk

Well they say that’s how the Duke boys
And NASCAR started out
They were haulin’ bootleg liquor
And look where they are now
Chances are I gotta Mason jar Rollin’ ‘round in the back
That white lightnin's long gone
But it shouldn’t be hard to act

Whoa, oh, oh
Let’s pretend we’re runnin’ from the law
Whoa, oh, oh
Like we’re the Bonnie and Clyde of alcohol

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