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Confira a Letra The Mechanic

Pakk, The

The Mechanic

Turn the Wheel, Turn the Screw
It's Just What You Do
Twist The Bolt, Twist The Knob
Man Or Woman, It's Your Job
And You Wanna Make Sure It's Done Right
Even If It Takes The Whole Damn Night, Yea, Yea

See the Planes, Keep 'em Flying
Keep the Vehicles On The Road
Keep The Ships Moving, Cross The Ocean
And The Trains With Their Heavy Load
You Know Your Motto Is Do Or Die
Whenever You Hear That Perrenial Cry

All Hail, Hail The Mechanic, Sing It Again I Said
All Hail, Hail The Mechanic, Yea, Yea, Yea, Yea
All Hail, Hail The Mechanic
Give It To Me One More Time
All Hail, Hail The Mechanic

And Your Job, Is Always Changing
All The New Technology
And Your Life's Always, Re-arranging
But Never Lose The Learning Tree
I Know Sometimes You Feel You Just Can't Try
But It Spurns You On To Hear Their Frantic Cry

Pounding Dents, WIth Your Hammer
You Do It So Mentalurgicaly
Keep The Panels Straight, On The Spaceship
As You Fly Through The Galaxy
And You Gotta Make Sure The Finish Do Shine
Or Else You'll Hear That Panicked Whine