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Confira a Letra Common Martyr

Pale Horse

Common Martyr

When gods are spent and bullets fly
I ask myself for whom I die
Revenge I seek from faceless foes
The mercy of god in screaming death throes

A shot silences your final breath
This is the end, not peace but death
Artillery fires an atonal effigy
Veil of gunpowder on your veil of treachery

Martyr for a hellbound cause
Swept up with the current into waiting jaws
Martyr, rain in the skies
Search for a reason with your vacant eyes

Led here by the dragging noose
In the name of god is hell let loose
The explosion destroys, rips my ears
One final assault, and Satan appears

Fork in one hand, Sword in the other
No hope now, run for cover
Unleashed hell by the way of the gun
Your word, my blood, our lives, thy is done

Martyr for a hellbound cause
See your life consumed by the tooth and claw
Martyr, the instigator hides
Rushing to death and the pale horse rides

Graven god, in your own image
Greater good for the blasted village
Command by words that who the hell wrote
Can you not see the masterstroke
The pale horse rides in hate, led by the noose astray
Martyr, and no one cares