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Confira a Letra Demons

Pale Horse


You've got no more throws of the dice, no more second tries
Time to end the lunacy, and time to open your eyes
You were not the first one here, and you sure as hell won't be the last
You can take your fucking expectations and shove em up your ass

I am the worm in your apple, rot all to the core
I am the crashing waves, raging at your shore
I swear I'll break your house of cards, play your game no more
Our lives belong to us alone, by the devil's horns

Can't you see the hounds of hell loping across your lands
Time to open the fist before you lose the hand
Crushed and broken and beaten, you've been brought low by rock 'n roll
We have come to collect on the contract for your soul

You try to save the sacred lie, yet nothing you have found
Can stop the bloated bestial hoax from crashing to the ground
Yet still you think you control it all through force of will and might
I raze your butchered rancid prison by right of antichrist

You can bet your deluded ass our guts will take your glory
Time to stop the onslaught, time to end the story
You can no longer hold us down, don't bother to even try
I swear on all with my last breath I'll spit right in your eye

I am the weak link in your chain set to let you plummet
I am the cold wind from the ninth, sweep you from the summit
Turned out backs from the self-righteous hell, we're demons in your eyes
We'll break our chains, walk away, spread our wings and fly.