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Confira a Letra Downfall

Pale Horse


We are the children of neglect, you thought that you knew us
Fell from grace as we learned what we need to progress
Taught of beauty, the ideal, constant treachery awakens
Undercut, double crossed, and what is promised, taken

Let down that time too many, the truth we start to fathom
Turn the tables, win a round, just look what we've become
Shadows turn and become us whole, with each trial we learn
Sell you out, oh so easy, for gains we never earn

Mark my words, your soul shall fall
Whispered truths, you'll hear our calls
Childhood morals in the dust
We all wind up the same
Dulling eyes and faded goals
Downfall, Trade for gold
Fool's teaching finally failed
God knows what we've sold

Failing faith and liar's gain
Empty promise, a life's pain
Can you feel the betrayal'
I don't anymore
Dulling eyes and faded goals
Downfall, Trade for gold
When angels lie, demons reply
God knows what the future holds

As the struggling billions cry
With few in comfort, up on high
What parts one from the other
Who will cheat his brother'
Scrape the dustbowl with a silver spoon
You can't eat, but we own the moon
Your life lived to losing rules
To those above you're just tools

Damn the world, sell the spear, your loss is my asset
To back my excess, I sell your future, what part don't you get'
The evil rule this world, on stolen horses they ride
The good left to struggle, bear the load, just to stay alive

The end of all our days
Will come by evil ways
One last soul in the fire
Consumed by greed, desire
The end of all our days
Will come by evil ways
The need will never tire
Come dance in the fire
The end of all our days
Point fingers every way
Yet no one left to blame
We all wound up the same

Downfall, trade for gold
Downfall, the souls we sold
The richest profit to be had
Dealing the trade of pain
Downfall, with every tear
Downfall, your fall draws near
Frozen souls, soak in apathy
We all wind up the same