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Confira a Letra Marathon

Pale Horse


Feel the hammer back, the hammer down
Life's worth is always forgotten
Breath comes deep, can never sleep
Life's banquet gone suddenly rotten
My senses blur and my body's pain
But I dig my boots in, I shall remain
Not a victim, too much to leave
Through the suffering, I must believe that

I will fight this sickness, fight this lifeless, I shall rise again
I will fight this sickness, fight this lifeless, I shall rise again

Marathon, run baby run
Treadmill I've been thrown upon
Marathon, run baby run
Just to keep the light on

See the silver line, break the red line
The red queen with the knife in her hand
Face her down, I'm not going down
Doesn't blow me out, the flame is fanned
There is no cure, but it is not my time
Fuck you, I'm not going under
All the world will hear my thunder

Realize my life's at hand
Revealed as flame on sand
Bondage to a higher degree
My body betrays me
The king without a crown
No fuckin' way I'm going down