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Confira a Letra What About Love


What About Love

I'm a clone of the bieber
Wear oversized sneakers
And sing into mirrors

And my
My gonernment grwe me
In a laboratory
To become the next big
Teen heartthrob

Everything's looking good
Next we should
Test out how he performs the hook!

Now I'm outside
My friends are dancing like tools!
See a black guy
And high five him so that I look cool

Chasing a broad
Acting like I am in love
Singing a song
That sounds twenty years old and also
My dad is dumb

Who is this scum?
Are you walking away?
I guess you must be gay
'Cause I'm fucking perfect bitch

No,it's because you look mine
And I hope you realize
That this song sounds just like

Everything's looking great
With austin
Wait who is that?

Oh shit it's justin!
This needs to stop
Crap he found us this is bad

You think you're hot
But you don't even wear drop crotch pants
Justin piss off
I'm the new you kiss my ass
That's the last straw

I challenge you to a swag match
Ok it's on!

Like donkey kong!

What the hell is happening?
Their egos are colliding
It is causing an earthquake
We need to

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