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Confira a Letra R.O.A.R.

Get your scene straight!
Or stop running away, that's what they always say to you
Yeah your such a fake cause that's what you
la la love to do do do do do
Don't dare defend him or did I fail to make a mention
Out of every single person that you've ever met,
just know I'm gonna be the ya can't forget

Oh, don't show your face around here anymore
Cause we, we know exactly where it is you came from

You're a copy of a copy, a carbon copy,
of every second rate band on the world wide web
You can shake yourself loose, or die of boredom instead
Cause your OH OH OH so artificial
with the way that you've been jumping on a terrible trend
No matter what they said, we still wish you were dead

You got the mouth of a lawyer but the tongue of a snake
How do you fall asleep in these beds
you make all by yourself No ya never do anything by yourself
No ya never did anything by yourself

You make me wanna ROAR! Damn kid, ya make me wanna ROAR!
OH SHIT! ya make me wanna ROAR! DAMN KID!
ya make me wanna ROAR! OH SHIT!