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Confira a Letra I See Love


I See Love

Well, we'll roll down dirty old windows
And sing with our eyes closed
Belt out the high notes
And we'll go down to the beach where the wind blows
And we'll throw off our old clothes
And we'll dance with our eyes closed

Cause I see love
I see love when I close my eyes
And I see love
I see love when I close my eyes

Yeah we'll watch the stars glow
And the flames burn the wood slow
Playing games with our shadows
Till all four of our eyes close
Darling we'll sleep close
With no blankets or pillows
Like "The Wind In The Willows"
And we'll dream with our eyes closed

And I feel love in spite of myself
And I feel love to frighten myself
And I feel love and I feel nothing else

Vultures and black crows
Perching on signposts
Circling like ghosts
So we'll just keep our eyes closed…