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Confira a Letra Things You've Never Done


Things You've Never Done

When you were younger
Blue eyed boy wonder
Never used to ponder
On what life may hide

Now that you're older
The nights are so much colder
Never even told her
How you feel inside

You were so proud
With your head up in the white clouds
She'd call you so loud
But you'd never know

Now that you're wiser
You'd never compromise her
Ever day you'd realise her
But this bird has flown

And you've blown out all your candles, one by one
And you curse yourself for things you've never done

She would wait for you
Idolise, adore you
Love and reassure you
You couldn't let it be

You let it linger
Slip on through your fingers
So that September
She moved across the sea

How your face dropped
And how your heart stopped
Sitting at the bus stop
When they told you that she’d gone

So you run to the harbour
Need to tell her that you love her
As the boat disappears
You never felt so alone

'Cause you’ve blown out all your candles one by one
And you curse yourself for things you never done
Where were you when her hour of need had come?
Now you curse yourself for things you never done

Now your grandson, blonde haired blue eyed handsome
Calls you up from London and sits and asks you why
So your answer don’t be scared of failure
For the only failure is never to try