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Confira a Letra Bitten

Patrick Wolf


Nunca se olvida
Que siempre viva

Lucy's bitten
Neck is bleeding bad
The teeth have long departed
Yet the desire burns strong

On in desire for destruction
One on which she'll depend
One that ceases to deepen
Into near bitter end

Treasures buried soul deep
Crossed under crack
Now there's no voice
Choice or any road back

Black through the mountains
She turns her loosening ring
Guardian angel sings
"I think you've lost your wings
But yours still yours still yours"

Don't give up now

You've still a little will left
Will you be strong, give song
Fulfill the promises you made
Slave to yourself your health
And your growing debts
Keep thinking
"I know I can flourish still and rewrite these wrongs
Make a home, make a child

Soul deep
Treasures buried
Crossed under crack
Now there's no voice
Choice or any road back


Black through the mountains
Take off your loosening ring
Guardian angel sings
"Come home now find your wings
You're still yours"

And now you must love yourself
Like you've never known hurt before
Like we've never known hurt before
I think we've lost our wings