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Confira a Letra Sepulchral Life

Paul Chain

Sepulchral Life

Smoking censers rise
From the blood of violet oceans
Cleanse the sky of all emotion
Animate the dream of life

Sepulchral life
Charcoal heart and soul
Imperial black sky
All the death you must behold

White marble mesmerise
Serpent assassination
Eyes that kill me in devotion
Slaughtered by the blood of christ

Sepulchral life...

Riding opium deserts
Feeding fire into reign
Across the lakes of salt like glory
Splendid visions of grey

Ooh sister nyte
Solemn priest do chime
My destiny before me
I greet the face of day
Screaming mortal eye
Your pain hallucinates
Jaded moon obsession,
Scorn the sun do i.

Through the burning heavens
Feed me to the dogs of war
Store my bones in your mortuary
Where summer fades
Virginal confession
In the hands of the devil
A grave born of the dead sun rising
In drunken ecstacy
Clinging isolation
Golden splendour of refrain
Howling in the gallows
The dirty bloody wolf
Chronic statue nation
In hades mind
Sorcerer of death's construction
Leave my soul behind

Sepulchral life
My world has died
Sepulchrral life
My blood is grey
Sepulchral life
You are my wife
Sepulchral life
Nothing is my life