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Confira a Letra A Resting Place

Paul Wilbur

A Resting Place

My soul finds rest in God alone
My peace depends on Him
In that place of quiet rest
He fills me from within

He pours on me His holy oil
The Spirit of the Living God
And comforts me with Hs love
Comfort me with Your love

Those who wait upon the Lord
New strength He gives them
He gives them wings like the eagle
That they might soar with Him

He weaves His strength into their lives
The Spirit of Adonai
Then He gives then all of His peace
To guard their hearts and their minds
Guarding our hearts and minds

So come my soul now take your rest
Find your peace in Him
The Holy presence of the Lord
That fills you from within

O pour on me Your holy oil
The Spirit of the Living God
Fill my cup Lord I lift it up
Until I overflow