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Confira a Letra This Pretty Girl


This Pretty Girl

Of all these glorious places and these typical places
I've got a story to tell if you would just sit still
I'm not the prettiest girl compared to this pretty world
But I've got something to offer if you would give me the time
I'll make no promise I won't keep and I promise the truth

I once sat top of the world with views that birds can't compete with
Chose who I would sleep with and who I would dismiss
I didn't need a relation or a family vacation
Just the little people running round to cover my tracks
Then I find I am alone, no one to cover my back
Once they knew to take advantage of this once pretty girl

All of my inspiration has fallen straight to the floor
Flat on my back, eyes wide open, staring back at the world

I've done my time in the mirror, I've done my time with the worst parts of living
With no start and no means to an end
And they can take what they want, and they can steal all they can
But they won't ever find a reason [to get them back?]
Now I found my inspiration and I found my path
Now I found myself a friend and god I want you back

All of my inspiration has now been picked from the floor
With my head high, I'm climbing back to the top of the world
All of my inspiration has now been picked from the floor
With my head high, I'm climbing back to this now pretty girl