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Confira a Letra Planet Of Love

Perez Belle

Planet Of Love

Mmh mmh yeah Yeah yeah Oh yeah

Hi there, it's me again, may I lend your ear for just a minute,
here's something you should know.
I made a wish and you were there I said hey,
it's a lovely day, I called your name as if I knew you,
turned around with a big big smile, there was magic in the air.
Ooh we had a great time baby,
we knew it would never end, hey yeah oh my, now I think weunderstand.

We're spinnin' 'round and 'round, just like the planets do, butin this universe,
I'll fall in love with you, I've been searchin' high and low,
I've been way down and up above, until I finally found you on theplanet of love.

Yeah yeah mmh mmh, say yeah, let me take you there,
I'll show you life in all its beauty, you turned around with abig big smile,
there's magic everywhere.
Ooh we got a good thing going, we gotta keep holding on,
hey yeah my oh my, you're shining like the sun.

Take a look around you, just wait and see,
when love has finally found you, you will agree,
yeah yeah, I need you, I need you, oh yeah yeah.
Spinnin' around and around and around,
I'm your planet of love, ooh come to me, come to me baby.

On the planet of love we're spinnin' around and around,
I'll fall in love with you, way down and up above,
until I finally found you on the planet of love.
Yeah mmh mmh