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Confira a Letra Au Printemps

Peter Ostrowski

Au Printemps

Springtime, in springtime
My heart and your heart both soar on the air
Springtime, in springtime
We are reborn in a world free of care
In springtime

For a flower, a smile, a promise, for a shy glance
As they laugh, all the girls give you their kisses and then tell you their dreams
In spring the heart explodes
With infinite joy and love
New flowers are spread over Earth
As if fallen from heaven above
In spring the heart can melt
In one beautiful afternoon
And when the cool evening draws in
Will reach for the stars and the moon


For a flower, a smile, a promise, for a shy glance
As it laughs, Paris will change into kisses this very night
See all Paris change
Into meadows where travellers rest
Or where flocks of lovers are led
By a half-witted young shepherdess
See all Paris become
One colourful, bustling fair
And the sun will bless the whole world
And brighten the colours we wear


For a flower, a smile, a promise, for a shy glance
As they laugh, everyone will kiss everybody and talk of all our dreams
See this miracle
For it may well be the last
A gift God offers to us
Without our having to ask
Witness this miracle
Of all the new life that appears
Lambs are born, trees turn green
At the most wondrous time of the year