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Confira a Letra Is It True What They Say About Dixie

Phil Harris

Is It True What They Say About Dixie

People brag, people boast,
And consistently drink a toast
To a place that a lot of them place on top of the heap.
Are they wrong? Are they right?
Is there reason for their delight?
I must live in doubt till the day that I find out.

Is it true what they say about Dixie?
Does that sun really shine all the time?
Do them sweet magnolias blossom
Round everybody's door?
Do folks keep eatin' possom
Till they cain't eat no more?
Is it true what they say about the Swanee?
Is the dream by that stream so sublime?
Do they laugh, do they love,
Like they say in every song?
If they do, that's where I belong.

(partly said, partly sung)
Now if you like a sweet magnolia lane,
Gals as sweet as sugar cane,
Then hop the nearest choo choo train,
'Cause it's all aboard for Dixie.
If you like to hear that southern drawl,
And gals who say "I loves ya-all,"
Then they ain't no use for you to stall,
You better get on down to Dixie.

And if you like to hear them melodies
With old Virginnia harmonies,
And "Mammy" songs on bended knees,
It's time you went to Dixie.
And if you like that real hospitality,
The B-flat blues and General Lee,
They ain't no other place to be,
Just fly on down to Dixie.

Now when you're 'round that there Swanee shore,
You just go and knock on any door
And then ask them who won that civil war,
'Cause they gonna' tell you down in Dixie.
I'm gonna' pack my shoes and walkin' stick,
My cotton shirt and my banjo pick.
If you need me, you can reach me quick,
I'm on my way to Dixie.

'Cause it's true what they say about Dixie.
Uh - huh that sun really shines all the time,
And them sweet magnolias blossom
'Round everybody's door,
And the folks keep eatin' possom
Till they can't eat no more.
Uh - huh it's true what they say about old Swanee.
Yes, a dream by that stream is so sublime.
And they laugh, and they love
Like they say in every song,
Yes, it's true, and it's mine all mine!