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Confira a Letra Descent Into Madness


Descent Into Madness

Fading away, illusions fading from my sight
Crying my soul, vanish! Crying end is bright!
Send me a sign from the gods! Send me last fortune!
Everything ends even the pain, the torture

Finding myself trapped losing the consciousness
Falling into depths filling the emptiness
What have I become? Madman's embodiment
I'm not the person I used to represent

What to do now that I've been betrayed?
What does my future hold? What should I await?
The scars in my soul are forever there
Why would you do that? How could you dare?

Against this pain there is no shield
These fatal wounds can never be healed
I closed my eyes so I could see
I'm living in lies with truth before me

A broken wretch looking for a way out of this life
Moral codes don't work, what's wrong? And what's right?
You don't deserve the right to peace of mind
Pulverize my senses cause I've been blind

So blind

Fearing the past
Solution at last
You can't fix the broken
My last words are spoken

No peace assigned, no sign has been given
I'm left behind, to be is forbidden
That night in august I stopped being sober
Sold soul to the devil
The pain is now over