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Confira a Letra ...Of August


...Of August

I'm back
But it's not me anymore
I still need to fill the cracks
My mind rotten to the core
Bereavement on my mind
Demon in human skin
Not any of mankind
Nothing left within
They have haunted me
Now I'm one of them
On the peak of insanity
To our shelter I ran
Promises have their price
I think I must remind
Tonight a sinner dies
The soul shall be confined

There's no way to forget the past
My wrath shall satisfy my lust
For your death. You will be the last
I kill!

I can't wait to be your demise
Your cry will be the winner's prize
To see your life volatilize
Such thrill!

Long way to travel
It will be worth it
Your corpse in gravel
Make my life complete!

Through the forest unknown
Achromatic emotions
Silent. In the head a drone
Ending the commotion
The eyes of fear and hatred
Inside clean putridity
Gasping for a breath
Nightmare is reality

I'm here to show you
I've found your secret
Your twisted breakthrough
End with your throat red

Throat red

Plagues long forgotten
But still unforgiven
Live pandemonium
Nothing remains hidden
The last look. Those eyes
Through my senses it pierced
Her stare got me hypnotized
My eyes flooded with tears