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Confira a Letra On And On


On And On

If you see a cobweb, just don't care.
It's the last thing you should fear.
Just live and save yourself from all that's living there.
And if you wander off enjoy your time.
It's the last thing you should think, my dear.
We'd leave you there and you'd be left behind.
There is still far to go. There is still far to go.
If you get excited hold your breath, dream you're underwater; eyes closed, all relaxed, sinking and soaking wet.
There is still far to go. There is still far to go.
It goes on and on.
So will what you came to do ever be done?
All the weird stuff happenings, so who do you listen to?
Not attractive but passive.
You want to attack but need someone to go first.
If you've reached exhaustion stay in bed.
Getting out may get you nowhere repull the warmth over your little head.