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Confira a Letra There's Always Something Better To Do (The Strutter)


There's Always Something Better To Do (The Strutter)

When you get floored from coming down and ears are closer to the ground,
you say you make noise all the time but you're loud just like a mime.
So keep your pride. Accidental gentlemen search for answers with old friends but the only ones they find are the bottled up or toxic kind.
Pay them no mind. If it's kind of a joke then there also is some truth.
I don't care too much about anything.
Travel ever softly across lands.
Well I'm not rich and I'm not free and likely I will never be,
but I got a girl who's kind.
With my nothing she is fine.
We adjust our minds.
All the things that help you sleep at night.
Don't get sick of the grieving you must do.