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Confira a Letra Bonnie & Clyde

Poetic Hustlaz

Bonnie & Clyde

-Intro-Boogy Nikke-(Lady Water)-
{police sirens and alerts} Yeah Bonnie baby, you got the AK. (Hell yeah, motherfucker yeah.) I'm 'bout to spray all day on these motherfuckers. (All day on these motherfuckers.)

-Chorus-Boogy Nikke-(Lady Water)-
Bonnie and Clyde/ We step on a mission, crucified and ride/ Never lack, better watch you back from the rat a tat tat (Nigga, what? We ride like Bonnie and Clyde/ We don't take no shit, nigga fuck yo' bitch/ I step to the side and let my clip hit)

-Boogy Nikke-
Peter picked peppers but motherfucker, we pick a punk, put 'em straight up in the trunk, or in the mix, we talkin' to jump/ Nigga Bonnie and Clyde/ Homicide is the only mission, ready to ride/ Suicide? Niggas look in my eyes and let's ride

-Lady Water-
These ho's just want to hold me back, takin' my gat, layin' em flat/ Watch your back, bitch/ Comin' up quick, see I'm a lunatic/ Reach before you got your heat/ Comin' up in the streets of the C-L-E-V-E-L-A-N-D, tell me what you thinkin' B

-Boogy Nikke-
All I remember is Momma told me keep my head up/ Studyin' rules baptized on the 7, still payin' dues/ And then I met, Miss Bonnie, put it together/ She's clever in the way she held the Tech 9, blew my mind everytime/ She smoke the motherfucker just like a Philly and chill me/ I had to have her hand in hand/ Bonnie and Clyde be planned

-Lady Water-
Momma told me "Watch your back" These ho's out here will jack you wit'cho gat/ Don't really want to hurt nobody, come up, sho' niggas stompin'/ Watchin' my back, bout to attack, nigga fuck that, bustin' my gat/ Can't ride like Bonnie and Clyde/ Niggas gon' die, bitches gon' die


-Boogy Nikke-
What? You sacrifice/ Them niggas killed my brother, they crucified my daddy, they shot him straight up in his belly/ Now tell me, I'm takin' my nina, I switched my name to Clyde/ Realized that Babylon must be burnin' on the otherside/ Shoot that motherfucker straight in the face, any race, the place and time that we committed on this homicide

-Lady Water-
Well in time my mind got older, got stronger/ Got to keep my faith, enough to live, when I failed big growin' up as a kid you'd never believe what I did/ Consequences to the dirt, I knows it hurts in my soul, yet I cry/ Torn down to the ground, been lost and found, day by day I get by/ So now I'm Bonnie motherfucker, ain't no tellin' no lies

-Chorus-Boogy Nikke with Lady Warter-
Bonnie and Clyde/ We step on a mission, crucified, homicide/ You want to ride? Better take a good look up in our eye'/ Bonnie and Clyde/ We step on a mission, crucified and ride/ Never lack, better watch you back from the rat a tat tat {shooting guns until they run out of ammunition}