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Confira a Letra Don't Trust A Bitch

Poetic Hustlaz

Don't Trust A Bitch

-Mo Hart-(Tony Tone)-Chorus-
Don't trust a bitch for nothin'/ She's easy to get but sneaky, sneaky (Let her catch ya slippin' she's takin' your cash, and then she's leavin'/ Sayin' that she love you, but she really don't/ She wants your name and your fame, and that's just what she want)

-Tony Tone-
Listen up/ No disrespectin' to you ladies, but I gotta tell you about yourself, 'cause your ways are shady, thinkin' that that ass is gonna drive me crazy/ Thinkin' 'cause you look good like you should, but it's only a front to get what I want/ Is that all I want? And then you're on your own/ See I grew up in a household of women, so I know your schemes/ I know your plans, I know your dreams, I know everything/ See, nothings changed about me/ Oh, I'm gullible 'cause I'm in this industry? Fuck that shit, fuck that bitch, you was only good for suckin' dick/ Remember my clique? It makes me sick when I think about it at times/ Like Freaknic when you were around, you still thinkin' you down? Hell no, I don't think so/ You lied on me, hoe/ This bitch just tried to come between me and my niggas, she gots to go


-Boogy Nikke-
The game you can not trust 'em, them bustas, them cluckas, them sucka motherfuckers can't love ya for nothin'/ They always got they sneaky clenchy look up in they eye (Why you lookin' like that?) And why they wanna try to fuck up a good thing with the B-double-O-G-Y? Uh-uh, not I/ Too much of a soldier mentally and physically, got tatted on my back/ I work for the bishop and me, which means bitch get up and pearl if you think the Boog' got your world done/ Bitch, you got a nigga cold caught up in the midst of your twist/ Better check your lips because the eye, they never lie/ Try to spy, the lies/ Hey guy, don't trust a bitch for nothin', she's easy to get but sneaky, sneaky


-Mo' Hart-
You'll never get a chance to break this heart again/ Tricked me good 'cause I thought I had a friend to the end/ Just about gone too far, just about had enough/ Tryin' to test my mental skills will get your ass lumped the fuck up/ So keep runnin' your mouth, you make me wanna sweat your grill/ Steadily rollin' round town like you was God's gift to man/ Wantin' my love and in a hellafied ass way, but you don't know how to come, so you persist in playin' silly ass games, throwin' you coochie at 'em/ Now, I gotsta get ghosts on you fast 'cause I ain't down for what's eventually comin' to pass/ All in my pockets, tryin' to stick me for my paper (Gimme my shit) This bitch isn't straight (Bitch) Now pray, not down for doin' time for one domestic caper