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Confira a Letra Fired Up

Poetic Hustlaz

Fired Up

(What? I'm fried/ A bite out the belt on the grind) I'm fired up... (I told ya'll water couldn't harm me)

I'm on a high to the mind, got you on the grind/ Got the monkey on your back, attack, can I get some get back/ With nine sacs cuttin' corners like a tough act/ Did I mention dub sacs? With a impac, a mag/ Hittin' backdoors with a mag four uh, just send me on the next song when I get raw lettin' you fuckers know I'm raw/ You did it wrong and I'm a show you


They got me all over here, red hot, don't touch/ I might bust when I flame up/ What? Water couldn't harm me/ I'm like a grease fire, cease fire, here come my army/ I'm like a torch, in charge, just call me Sarge/ Breakin' your broad in the mighty Dodge, now here me/ What?


Now you can bet that's me burnin' bustas on with the heat in my dump/ Kiss the flames, say my name/ Turn 'em over, he dump/ Flame 'em, wrapped in aluminum foil/ Don't want no more, can't hang, go back where they came/ I stop your heartbeat in a heartbeat but nigga, what? We pimp coccaine and yes I man/ I reign 'less your uh, uh kin/ Now it be him hangin' up on the rim/ Above The Rim/ I'm comin' like Tupac, two glocks, takin' over hillspots, too hot/ What? Niggas all up in your spot, take water/ Keepin' this bitch on lockdown/ How do you like me now? With a Tre Eight slug and four pound, come and get down now


To southside nigga fired up/ To my westside nigga fired up/ To my northside nigga fired up/ To my eastside nigga fired up


Available on the compilation album Tha Day of Wreckonin' & Poetic Hustla'z self titled album