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Confira a Letra Time Will Reveal

Poetic Hustlaz

Time Will Reveal

Time (Time will reveal) will reveal (Time will reveal) it all (It all) it all (It all)

-Mo' Hart-
I'm hearin' voices all the time in my head everywhere I go, so it seems that I'm confused on what to do/ Are you helping me choose right from wrong? Are you tryin' to help me? Show me the way, please, just don't scare me/ The path I've chosen is the right one, let me know/ Since you're long gone, I ask myself are you my angel? Am I on the path you intended for me to take? Prepare me now 'cause my very future is at stake/ Please help me, my angel


-Tony Tone-
You know time will reveal/ I tell the truth, so whatever's done in the dark shall come to the light/ Everybody seems to lie on us, and that ain't right/ Playa, better get your life together, stay out of mine 'cause in due time you'll find that my life's at a rapid climb to the top, and I won't stop/ And it ain't no fallin' off, I'm here to stay no matter what you say/ So hate me, hate me 'til I'm in my grave, baby/ Poetic's here, so how you feel? I'm on the other side/ God works in mysterious ways, time has revealed


-Boogy Nikke-
Come and feel the journey, only time will reveal if you let time heal your wound/ They say what goes around always come back around and around, but if you do it right, nothin' can touch us, stay afloat/ If all them bustas, time gon' pin it 'cause I never did feel it/ You so-called soldiers (Soldier!) comin' from around and get erased from your truck/ Partner, be watchin' and waitin' anticipatin' your move/ Get loose if you want to/ You know who rules, we do/ Mo! Thug, we soldiers for the Lord, not you