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Confira a Letra Trials N Tribulations

Poetic Hustlaz

Trials N Tribulations

Until The Lord comes back, it's gonna be that way/ My life of trials and tribulations every day

-Boogy Nikke-
Now let me put you on game about this trial and tribulation situation/ Gotta know how to pin it when you feel it/ Cause it's itchin' to get cha to trial or the one and only, nigga, let your heart be the jury/ Keep it real when you feel me, baby/ You gotta know how to roll on situations, good or bad, just like niggas because your eyes, they never lie/ And tribulations to me, is for my enemies bleed when my pistol grip .380 put the hushin' to the hushin' in the hushin'


-Mo' Hart-
Don't have to know about some but I claim to have faith, and yet and still doubt is standin' right in front of my face/ Tonight, you showed me your life/ Tomorrow, I can start to make right all my wrongs, plus all the harm that I've caused, it's on/ I had to realize quick that there's a down side to this life shit/ A lot of times I have tendencies to throw hellafied fits/ Sometime life gets a little bit hard, and I can say it's really left me kind of puzzled, scarred/ It's puzzled, scarred


-Tony Tone-
Just look at my life and plenty situations that I go through; These trials and tribulations, and they got me facin' all this evil/ What to do? See much evil around me and jealousy and envy don't make it no better/ Playa haters, you ain't even on my level because I'm searchin' for peace/ Don't let me harm thee/ Why you wanna test and tempt a Hustla like me? Even though we born in this world that's full of sin, it's so easy to sin/ The hardest part is not givin' in to the wicked ways of the demons' role play/ Everyday is different complications, so what's goin' on in this nation? I guess that's life/ My life, my life, my life of trials and tribulations