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Confira a Letra In County


In County

Life support is giving up,
Machines can't keep us alive
Time has come to meet your maker,
Bring my message. Bring my message with you
Goodbye cruel world.
Once seen, never forgotten.

Get me to the hospital,
I feel the urgency pushing on my chest.
Blacking me out
Get me to the hospital.
Inject me with a cure.
Please let me live

Please let me live.
Let me see another day.
Please met me live

Accidents will happen,
I felt the need of the emergency.
The hardest things we live through
Make us who we are

Cut me wide open.
Apply heavy pressure.
Let the blood clot.
Please let me live.

The heart rate monitors are slowing down.
Leave your lives in other peoples hands
Life support is giving up.

The sirens still haunt me.
Cut me wide open.

From this day forward.
Make your minutes count.
For it will be over before it starts.