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Confira a Letra Ruins

how do you know
if it's thick or thin
breaks at the end
dissolves in your hands
before you let go?

don't steal me
don't steal me with that gray stare
I've been there before
and the walls were bare
I've got trophies
I'll show you my little angel wings
defend me, but don't let me lose these things

I'm falling
and I fear I'll meet you going up again
falling too fast, the crazy sky bends

oh did you hear me?
did you hear me call?
was it like a chorus of Euripides
leaking through a cloud?
well I saw you down there
I saw you so small
but you were gone somewhere
before I hit the ground

now I'm falling
and I fear I'll meet you going up again
slow me down before this crazy sky bends

so I wait in the trees
wait for someone to breathe
wait for someone like me to fall first
and when they fall
they fall in two or three pieces