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Confira a Letra Bootstrap Paradox

President Romana

Bootstrap Paradox

Listen to this: a traveller went
To pay Beethoven a compliment
1808: the premiere
He finds Beethoven is not there
I should really say that none of this is true
He's just as real as me or you
But for a second think, if he did not exist
How did we get his manuscripts?
He'd brought all his sheets for Ludwig to sign
So sat and copied every line
So having heard that, my question is this
Who composed Beethoven's Fifth?

Dit dit dit dah, dit dit dit dah
Dit did dit dit dit, dah dit dit dah

Listen to this: a traveller stayed
Onboard a station day by day
Without the sun, electric lights
Would turn that daytime into night
Writing had appeared, carved in the capsule wall
Its message was unknown to all
Ghosts would appear with hollowed out eyes
Whispering the names of the next to die
Up until now, they'd got them all right
And had all the survivors in their sight
But how did they know? Why did they care?
Unless a traveller came to plant them there

Everything must have a cause
Even if you can't pinpoint the first
Why is there writing on the wall?
How did the station become submersed?
Maybe it's a little unorthodox
Maybe it's a little unorthodox
But that's what you get with a bootstrap paradox

Dit did dit dit dit, dah dit dit dah