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Confira a Letra City Of Death

President Romana

City Of Death

Enchante, mademoiselle
Romana, welcome to the city of romance
Is there something you're implying?
No, there's nothing I'm implying!
I just wanted to have a good time, time
I just wanted to have a good time

Bienvenue a Paris!
You know I'm sure that there are better things to see
You've no sense of art or culture
Vous devez voir le Mona Lisa!
I've seen better, but it's still quite good, Good?
You really have no taste at all, do you?

But there is more to this city than its culture, food and wine
The crack upon the clock face shows a dangerous slip in time
There's something very phoney about Count Scarlioni
This trip is not the holiday we hoped that it would be

Zut alors! Once more
We can't enjoy ourselves; we're under lock and key
But it's always worth exploring
Not to do so would be boring
These experiments are all doomed to fail, fail
As are these forgeries that we have just unveiled

In Leonardo's workshop we find something quite bizarre
He means to paint six copies of his famous work of art
There's something very shady about Captain Tancredi
He looks the same; he IS the same; as Scarlioni

But his name is Scaroth
Of the Jagaroth race
He was torn apart, flung through time and space
When his ship
Was destroyed on Earth
Now he's trying to fund Kerensky's work

Quel dommage, says the count
If I'm to piece myself together, you must die
[But to me it is no puzzle
I'll fix this hardware on the double
His first mistake he must not repeat, repeat
But then the human race will never come to be

Four hundred million years ago the Earth was just a shell
To mankind we must say hello; to the Jaragroth, farewell
Sadly one roll of the dice
Will have to suffice

And for now, au revoir
I don't think we'll be coming back here for a while
But we ought to tell you one thing
Just in case you all were wondering
The 'Mona Lisa' in the Louvre it's a fake!
Goodbye, goodbye
We just wanted to say goodbye