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Confira a Letra Last Words

President Romana

Last Words

I've walked the earth, I've seen the sky
There are no stars out there tonight
I can't deny that that's a shame
But I have to fight this change
Because I'm weary of these journeys
Of endless self-discovery
I've done it thirteen times now
There's no need for me to try now
I'm content with who I have been

I'm you - the original, you might say
I'm the one who ran away
From a cloistered life on gallifrey
I'm not prepared to face this day
I will not change
I don't like it
No, I don't like it!
I sense there's someone new
Just waiting to come through
Do I let them? That you're here implies I will do

If I am number one, and you are number twelve
Put us together, we might see thirteen today as well
For me to get to you, we've done this many times before
Remember them - is all this what you really want to die for?

Because something, someone new is on the way
Sometime, somehow, you will have to die
But not today!

Too young! Too old! Too fat! Too thin!
I refuse to be treated in -
Wait, stop! I've the right to choose what I look like
You're making me giddy! Number two's feeling giddy!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

There's more to life than living it
Where there's life there's (hope, my dear) - do I see a tear
Sarah jane? Don't cry
Number three has faced his fear

Something, someone new is on the way
Sometime, somehow, you will have to die
But not today!

I see the watcher watching me
As I face my destiny
Nyssa, adric, tegan, gather round
The place where I have hit the ground
This is the end for number four
But the moment has been prepared for

Is this death? Is this the end?
My life cannot take precedence over that of a friend
Is it time? Goodbye to number five?
I might regenerate but it feels different this time

Something, someone new is on the way
Sometime, somehow, you will have to die
But not today!

An unlucky number is thirteen
Number six knows who lurks in the space between
Our twelfth and final forms - if the master got it right
I've had a good innings, all those lives I've lived
I hope the footprint that I leave
Will be apposite, apposite, apposite, but light

See number seven vanquished by a random twist of fate
Please stop the master's ashes, quickly, before it's too late
Please listen, I'm not human!
You're a hinderance, not a help
No, no, please, stop - I've got two hearts!
You're putting me through hell!

Physician, heal thyself
(Number eight's last act of war)
Make me a warrior
(The universe needs healers no more)
Friends and companions that I've known
Forgive me, please
The time war ends with me!

The time war ends with me!
And I end with the war
I'm the doctor again, but I cannot be the man I was before
I'm wearing a bit thin
It all makes sense, of course
I only hope the ears next time are less conspicuous!


Time lords have this little trick
Rose tyler, you've been fantastic
And you know what? So was I
So was number nine

I don't want to go
I don't want to go
But I know it has to end this way
As some new man saunters away
There's no escaping this again
Vale Decem, farewell to number ten

It's time to break the science
It's time to break the law
Because now number eleven is rebelling once more
Remember where you've come from
And everyone you've been
I will always remember when the Doctor was me

Though you don't want to go

Remember everyone you've been

You've been so fantastic
But now you're wearing a bit thin

So physician, heal thyself

Trust no one else to do it

You've had a good innings
Keep your footprint light but apposite

It'll be different this time

But the moment has been prepared for

So face your fear!

Dear, oh, dear!

Doctor number twelve, it's far from over
(It's far from being all over)

You say you're not a good man
Well, thirteen disagrees
No man could replace you
That's why you'll become me

It's far from over