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Confira a Letra We Three

President Romana

We Three

Have you counted the children?
Have you? Have you? Have you?
Do you not consider that, even though
You had to, had to, had to?
But now there's a way to reverse that terrible day
If we choose to, choose to, choose to

We three will take on the war
Gallifrey falls no more
We have been ready for this moment
But when we hear the bad wolf's voice
We may be forced to reconsider
Whether we should make that choice

You are king consort of england
Aren't you? Aren't you? Aren't you?
But you cannot get us out of this small prison
Can you? Can you? Can you?
We have no power while we're locked up here in the tower
We need rescue, rescue, rescue

We three will take on the war
Gallifrey falls no more
Our screwdrivers all have changed like we do
Each with a slightly different face
But with no changes to the hardware
Meaning we can escape this place

This is not something we can accomplish alone
But we've found another way
Not one, not two, not three, not four
Not five, six, seven or eight
Not nine, not ten, eleven
Not twelve no sir thirteen
Its saviour, but the biggest nightmare gallifrey's ever seen

We thirteen will take on the war
Gallifrey falls no more
Our identities might be different
But we are all the same at heart
And when this quest is over
We will have a new one to start