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Confira a Letra I Want You (Girlfriend)

Pretty Ricky

I Want You (Girlfriend)

Your My Baby [x4]


You'll Be My Girlfriend
And I'll be you boyfriend
lets make it official,
cause I want you Girl
You'll be my girlfriend
And I'll be your boyfriend
Lets make it official
cause I want you Girl
(your my baby)

My buddy and kid sister
you and me,
get down like 2 slacks on the side of the street
first I gave my heart
then i gave you the key
then I stepped up to da plate
and gave you all of me
you had me fallen like some leaves in the summer
you had me fixen things like i was a plummer
you do the math, man around the house
I did it all for you, baby what you talkin bout
I started out talkin to your best friend
next thing I knew you was my girlfriend
now I got beef wit your ex boyfriend
but its all good because, your my baby
it ain't no problem baby blu can't solve,
cause I relieve headaches without tylenol
with you on the sideline, ya boy gon ball
I'll give you my all


I know you used to me being slick and slimy
comin home late
when Im with the boys im shining
Baby girl, whats wrong
we started like a nappy head to to a hot comb
one minute im dead, the next im gone
I gave you a shoulder to lean on
a team to be on
I got your head spinning like a bottle of rum
lets get it on,
beat the ?? while im in the zone
Im ready to come home
to see my queen on the throne


I really want you baby (want you baby)
I need you in my life (in my life)
I got to have you honey
I want to spend some time
Girl I want you like the new J's
your sweeter than candy
your fine like wine
girl your one of a kind
So fine, I think about you all the time
your always on my mind