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Confira a Letra Juicy (feat. Static Major)

Pretty Ricky

Juicy (feat. Static Major)

See the lust in your eyes I know you can't hide it
And your walk and vibe makes me want to try it
Like lac' spinning rims i love it when you ride it
You a stallion baby you know you got body

You working that thang,you tworking that thang
I love them g-strangs, it's just a g-thang
I'm merking that thang, t'm tworking that thang
Still stroking that thang,it's just a g-thang

Chorus repeat 2x's
Can you make it juicy for me
Or can i make it juicy for you
You get sweaty for me
And I can get sweaty for you

Now i'm a passionate lover just like passionate sex
Butt naked in the classroom on the teacher school desk
Triple x rated call me slick-em-high i get that body wet and then i lick em down
I'm on point and best believe i ain't no teaser
I wanna get deep and a little bit deep and a little bit deeper
Sweeping you off your feet like a ray talking about slick-em-way
Naw i ain't stoping till i feel a backboard break

I'll be your lover man, your special lover man
And i'll do anything that you want me to do plus more and more
If you want me to rub ya down, massage your body cause it feeling sore
then baby just close the door and let me take control i'll be the man dreams
Better yet your superman take you places you never been
so close close you can call us kin cause you got that juicy
And i love your body next to me amd i love your body next to me
I sweat for you so sweat for me



You so juicy you know what i and i wanna put my you know what down there
I got a fetish for pulling hair so might end up with a track or two plus a ginger tip
Carress ya hip, rub my lips, kiss your lips
oh baby come closer to me express your emotions to me
wanna press my body against yours feel sweat coming from our pores
I'm pushingharder inside ya forget my girl get yours
you so juciy and i'm so juicy for you
ain't no better feeling than me inside you

I'm tasting every drop
gonna get candyshop
i lick your lollipop
i'll out that thang on ya
I'll let you climb on top
and let the nookie pop
under the cookie jar
i ain't no rooki girl


Hook out