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Confira a Letra So Fresh So Clean

Pretty Ricky

So Fresh So Clean

Yall ladies might now if I'm flossin
Pretty Ricky Ricky Ricky stay bossing
Ridin' on 24's and 26
BITCH I aint talking if you aint sucking Dick
Lil Spec got more G's than a Gucci fit
Pull up 23's with a stender kit dat aint shit
I got dat SL5 with da candy lit
Paint so wet fuck around and get sea sick
I'm in da street locking [5x's] Hand print in da cement
But a hoe would change she turned anmeic
Straight spinna hot shit can you feel this
Hey yall it's Pretty Ricky and the Mavericks

In da club so fresh so clean
If ya girl want bread we giving
24's on my verse so mean
Spree wheels when ya stop still spining
In da club so fresh so clean
If ya girl want bread we giving
24's on my verse so mean
Spree wheels when ya stop still spinning

[Baby Blue:]
Whoa, Whoa. .. I pull up to da club
in my ear I got baby blue studs
Chauffer rolling out the red rugs
Pretty Ricky Ricky Ricky dats us
If ya like dis song you gotta fuck da feature
Baby Blue so cool dat he cutting the teacher
cutting da preacher's daughter under releaser
go to Church pay tides with a platinum visa
see I tote dem [x5] gats toten dem g's
hataz talk bask get slapped for no reason
rims spinning so fast you can feel da breeze
you pull up in a Bentley on some spinnas nigga please
I'm in a Chevy so clean my license plate say "Downy"
On my roof I got a flat screen Tv only chillin VIP
where dem ckicks suck dat D.I.C.K.K.K


Man I'm cruising down ya block in an astro fret
rims keep spinning like dey on a ceiling fan
da girls kinda hot but da rims will cool em down
ridin through the pound wit the windows half down
MIA dats county of Dade
playing with my bread homeboi don't get sprayed
Nah bsh [x6] nah bring dat bitch back
swurving on the road sipping on dat conyac
homeboi flipping his mouth but getting jacked like DANG
do dey think you in Gymnastic Club
where da principle flip you cuz
nah dats where a lil slick tag gotta let youhave it
I spent 5 for my automatic

[Chorus: til end]