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Confira a Letra Flood Of Emotion (Ultraviolet Hard Mix)


Flood Of Emotion (Ultraviolet Hard Mix)

Flood Of Emotion (Ultraviolet Hard Mix)

Sinking to the level of so many before you, in a desperate plea for
attention. Remember the words, I'll never be the one to leave. Suspended
in time, remaining truthfully.

In a flood of emotion. You'll see it.
Like a tide to the ocean, always, changing.
In tears of sadness, believing, deceiving.
We'll never know the difference, time is rearranging.

You can't expect I'd believe, the tears, I see.
They're not for me.

Conviction lies among the false pretencion.
When saving yourself becomes a fallacy.
My only intention is to move on, I've now removed myself,
From all your drama.

You can't expect I'd believe, your words. Tonight.
I know your lies.