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Confira a Letra Memories




Another restless night, am I the one who's blind.
Can I not see your realm of infidelity.
No call upon the phone, no letter to be found.
Your whereabouts tonight remain a mystery.
My friends are telling lies, I've come to realize.
Their sentiments will amount to nothing.
I see it in your eyes, it comes as no surprise.
Why should I question the end, it's coming.

I'm Tired of being rejected, and Crying.
Till you come home.
I shouldn't feel this Neglected, Disrespected.
When I'm all alone.
There's not a thing you can say to make me stay this time.
So Rely on the Memories.
You can Cry on the Memories.

Please take a Moment now, you have to hear me out.
To understand the feelings inside my head.
You have to comprehend, I'm Living in your Sin.
With Careless movements and No Regrets.
Everything you thought we shared, this Love has Gone nowhere.
Don't change the subject at Hand with Excuses.
It's time that we move on, no looking back this time.
Our destiny as One becomes an execution.