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Confira a Letra Too Late to Call an Ambulance

Psychonaut 4

Too Late to Call an Ambulance

He did not leave a note, they usually leave
He did not even clean his room
The reek of alcohol in the room
And you know, a peculiar smell of blood
He lies on the floor, probably fell off the chair
I immediately understood everything, as soon as I saw his face
Pale, even white
Through slightly parted lips
Appeared his yellow teeth
It’s all over. There’s nothing here to do
For nothing you circle him, trying to help
No need to shout, I have a headache because of your screams
He just got tired of being a bastard
Do not try to return life
Which emerged from a huge cut on his arm
Too late to call an ambulance
It's all over with him
Too late to call the ambulance

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