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Confira a Letra Crawling

Pure Inc.


Yesterday this place seemed worth living in
Everything looked beautiful to me
Today I feel so sad inside
Just because of someone else
Who tries to feed my mind with simple lies

Nothing seems to light the way that I'm crawling
Or maybe I'm just too blind to see, yeah
But if you think that I have lost faith in myself
Then take a look around and then you'll see
What I mean with it

Waiting for a change was confortable
I admit I'd do nothing at all
But now it's become my concern
I feel that something must be done
Even if someone's to lose his head

One day you will come to see
How hard this life sometimes can be
Once you thought you were the king
Today you hide behind the scene
And after all the time was right
To leave the stage without a doubt
No regrets? One demand
Fuck you mr. President