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Confira a Letra White Spirit - Red Skies


White Spirit - Red Skies

The time was ripe, for life on mars
When earth was forming, the zels could see
They came in spheres amongst the stars
They saw our world and let it be

Get it right, people don't fight, get it right sands of time will sway
Don't misuse your strength and might (chorus)
Get it right, dawn will come the day

Our world grew older, all green and blue
When mars was dying, and turning red
The zels knew then
If they did not do anything soon
They'd all be dead

Repeat chorus...

We hit on a plan, the zels and our kind
They said we'd have the north half, if they had the south
And so for the benefit of all mankind
We'd make enough food to feed everyone's mouth

Repeat chorus