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Confira a Letra Punk Enough

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Punk Enough

We're not trying to be like any others
Just trying to be like no one else before
We're gonna write, we're gonna make it new
Why limit ourselves to just one core
We're not trying to be like anybody else
We play what we like, we play for ourselves
The seventies were great, the nineties too
It's 2001, time for something new

Some people say we're not punk enough
Some people say we're just freaks
You suck!
Just gonna be who we wanna be
Not a slave to nonconformity

We like the Cali-punk, East Bay hardcore too
We're in a band, but we're just fans like you
We like the old Oi! bands (Oi! Oi! Oi!)
Emo too (really?) put em together to make something new


We're just guys that play in a band
Just trying to do the best that we can
It don't matter how many old bands we know
Just how you feel when you're at our show

[Chorus x2]