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Confira a Letra Numb



Dream, dream
My mind slips to another world
Where time stops and mysteries unfurl
And you heal me
It takes me to a time when things are new
The days aren't grey and i'm with you
I hear your voice, you call my name
Since you touched me i'm not the same
Then i go back to where i'm from
Just your breath has left me numb
Back alone, so it seems,
So i close my eyes and i dream
Scream, scream, i want to scream up to my home
There are things that i love
And there are things that i don't
But you hear me
I wake up everyday
Open my eyes come what may
Wondering where i've been,
Not suffering and i feel
I can make it one more day,
The stars will come he'll take me away
But for now, hard it seems
Soon i'll close my eyes and i'll dream